Sunday, September 20, 2009


Cooking time about 2 hours. Serves 4-6.

600g plain flour
375g syrup
(see syrup in Moon Cake for children)
90g oil
1 teaspoon lye water
1 beaten egg yolk (sieve)
Mooncake moulds

Mix ingredients except egg yolk by hand then divide into 12 equal portions.

12oz red beans
4 cups water
125g margarine
250g sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla essence

Soak beans overnight. Boil beans in water until soft. Blend to a smooth paste. Place in muslin bag to squeeze out excess water, until the paste is dry. Mix in with margarine and sugar. Cook, stirring over low heat until paste is smooth. Add vanilla essence. Divide into 10 equal portions. Cool.

Roll dough, flatten thinly, fill with bean paste, sprinkle some flour on mould, press in the mould neatly and knock out on hand, place on baking dish. Brush with yolk and bake in pre-heated oven at 4000F or 205°C or gas Regulo 9 for 10 minutes. Bake for 25 minutes until brown.


mark said...

what a nice ...recipe. i see this also on the sbs food show with sean ..
its looking so delicious....

Bee Lee Tan said...

It is delicious, the pastry is a bit like water pastry, fragrant and slighty crunchy, my favourite is the one with pumkin, seasame and
watermelon seeds, diced sugar melon
and smoked ham,can be warmed up by grilling on hot charcoal and it explode in your mouth as you bite it.
bee lee