Saturday, August 29, 2009


Base layer:
400g glutinous rice, soaked overnight
350ml thin coconut milk
1.5 tsp salt
2 drops pandan paste

Sugar syrup:
250g sugar
100ml water
8 60g eggs

30g custard powder
1tbsp plain flour
1tsp tapioca powder
300ml thick coconut milk

Pandan juice:
6-8 drops pandan paste add
100ml water and
1tsp lye water

Drain rice and put in 30cm round tray. Mix coconut milk, salt and pandan. Steam for about 20 minutes. Boil and dissolve sugar in water. Cool. Beat eggs and stir in sugar syrup. Mix custard powder, plain flour and tapioca flour with coconut milk add pandan juice stir well and strain. Pour egg mixture and custard mixture into a pan, cook gently until thickens and strain. Remove heat from the base layer, compact by using grease proof paper to press it down. Steam the base layer for about 3-5 minutes before pouring pandan mixture and steam gently for about 20 minutes. Cool before cutting into diamond shapes. It is best served and kept in room temperature.


Ann said...

Your blog looks great & thanks so much for the Seri Muka recipe - it's my favorite kueh. I will definitely help spread the word for you.

CY said...

Hi Bee Lee

Congratulations on your new blog! The food all look great and look forward to your future postings!

caa said...

Mmm,yum, I feel hungry just reading your recipes.
I've never made this kind of food before but it doesn't look too difficult for a simple Aussie like me!
Interesting reading your profile and notes on culture too.

Bee Lee Tan said...

Thanks Ann.The custard is so smooth and fragrant.Let me know how many pieces you have?
Bee Lee

Thanks CY. There will be a few more
kueh kueh before I visit Malaysia and Singapore. In between sampling Nyonya Cuisine and travelling, I hope to publish 2nd cookbook. Keep
on pratice on the kueh and make it your signature dish, there will be
more mouthwatering receipes to come in the NEW YEAR.
Bee Lee

Thanks caa.Now this is a chance to try kueh Talam.It is very simple to make,someone used to tell me that you need to stir it for over an hour now I realised that they do not want me to cook better than them. Many old receipes were lost because they are not willing to share with families and friends. You can be a good cook if you are willing to pratice, that is the secret.
Bee Lee

cheryle said...

hi Bee Lee, i love the sound of seri muka i would loveto taste it one day, looks good, great work, cheryle

Bee Lee Tan said...

Thanks for for kind comments.
The custard in seri muka melts in your mouth as you eat it. It is delicious.